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For Beginners, Super Obese & Active Older Adults. Now Everyone can exercise, thanks to Zumba® Gold!
What is ZUMBA® GOLD? It's a series of fitness programs specifically designed to take the exciting Latin and International dance and fitness program created in the original ZUMBA® program and bring them to the beginner, active older adult and all participants needing modifications for a successful class. Created to emphasize the basic steps of ZUMBA®, this program is so easy to follow, that EVERYONE of all ages can do it!

This series of ZUMBA® GOLD programs are guaranteed to provide ALL participants with a safe and effective total body workout! ZUMBA® GOLD just as our regular ZUMBA® classes, creates a party like atmosphere that is incredibly fun, different, easy to follow and effective.

This program is taught by Kathy Maney, an Official Zumba® Gold Instructor. She has designed a new approach to attract the super obese, older adult, or anyone who may find it intimidating to exercise in a group environment.

Visit our Calendar for our current class schedule. Beginners are ALWAYS welcome! Please bring water and a towel.

Wear comfortable clothing along with either cross trainer, tennis shoes or dance sneakers. There is a fair amount of pivoting and side to side dancing so wearing the proper footwear is recommended.

Kathy Maney is a licensed and insured Zumba Instructor.
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Kathy Maney

River Arts Ballet
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